@eternallyanna said: no bc sometimes you need people and that’s a thing that happens in relationships and that’s part of it and all so it’s fine and if it makes you better then it’s worth it for everyone

ah yeah i guess, thanks :)

its just i hate putting my problems on him even tho i put them on him all the time aaaah

ugh is it awful to ask my bf over when i feel really depressed?? bc i feel hella guilty 



whenever i watch a show with my family i like to throw in bits of trivia about the writers, actors, original script… that sort of thing

they’re never as awed as they should be tbh

#i just stare at them and wonder why they don’t care 


Actual Vampire Hiddles who doesn’t age

its only been a year, why would he significantly look older

i wish i could just have a really long cry but nobody lets me

American actor Sidney Poitier, C. 1965.

like all of john green’s characters are the same in terms of pretentiousness 

everyone around here loves the fault in our stars and UEGH THE WHOLE BOOK JUST MAKES ME SO UNCOMFORTABLE 

how can teenagers be that pretentious